New Memebox Brand Collabs: Tony Moly & Holika Holika !

Hi girls (and boys if any). This is an intermission post and rant.
Yes, Memebox has outdone themselves again by securing two famous companies/brands for their 28th October boxes: Tony Moly and Holika Holika.

Excited? Head here for Tony Moly and Holika Holika memeboxes.
They are both priced at $32 ($30 for VIP) plus shipping of $6.99.

If you have time, stay and read on.

We memeaddicts were conflicted about these boxes because of the fact that Memebox has not released any promo codes this month (they always do, and they said it will be late) and the previous brand boxes has not been too great, value wise. I am talking about this.

To those who recently joined the Memebox craze, there was a Tony Moly Superbox before. The first Tony Moly (Superbox #9) collab was snagged up within..I can’t remember how long, but it wasn’t even 3 hours. There were only several hundred boxes then, but now they up the scale and do at least thrice as many. That box was shipped sometime in April and is valued at at least $60 retail. It costs $32 (+$6.99 for shipping).

In case you are curious, this was what it included;
1. Mr. Smile Patch
2. Floria Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream
3. Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

4. Nail Foundation Kit
5. Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm 
6. Petit Bunny Gloss Bar Juicy Cherry
7. Pocket Bunny Mist

I am not super keen about Tony Moly, since their packaging is too…plastic/cutesy for my taste and I never gotten a HG item from them. I also doubt they will repeat the things in this box, so if you are buying for one of the items above, maybe not. This box, I pass.


Holika Holika, however paints a different story entirely. I started using their BB creams since my high school days and I love them dearly. Their Peach Girl BB which comes with a cream blusher is simply marvelous, but has been discontinued. I really want to test out their latest BB creams but I have tons in my closet, and it makes no sense to fork out money for more. The latest item I have tried from them is the Nabi CC cream.  I do seriously hope they don’t include this CC cream in because I have tons of other unused ones (like Hanhui from Memebox Oriental Meds)…

Their packaging though, is also to-die-for;

I did my homework and found that their makeup are cheaper than skincare, which I am afraid would mean more makeup in this box. My attempt to put together a box costing around $38 surmounted to this (from beautynetkorea);

I’d added the Magic Pole Mascara and Pig Nose as they are bestsellers. My curations probably suck, so I ended up buying the box to see if Memebox would do better. Fingers crossed they do!

The only item from Holika Holika which we have ever seen in global boxes is the Good Cera cream. My wish is that memebox will somehow procure more skincare for this box: the wonderful AC range, promising Aqua products and famous Bulgarian rose items. It would be a hit if there is the Dust out mist, any facial toner and face in it. Add a delicious body mist in and we will be so totally sold!

I totally need this.

The more I think that Memebox will add skincare in, there was no way I could pass on this box…

I even said if it is priced at $39, I would not get it but Memebox somehow made it $37 (with shipping)! Gawd.

So yeah, I picked up the Holika Holika Memebox with the risk of it being a complete dud but hey, this brand rarely disappoints anyways. I threw in all my memepoints to cushion the shock (if any). I hope Memebox will step up their game and prove the no-buyers wrong.

Rant over.


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