Memebox My Cute Wishlist – unboxing & review


Okay, I have to admit I am not a super cutesy person, but no girl can resist a cute memebox like this one! I was priveleged to receive a My Cute Wishlist from Memebox and even before unboxing, I knew it would be good (because I saw the spoilers 😛 ).


When you lift the lid of this Memebox, it is like unicorns and fairies has just escaped. You will stare at it for awhile to take it all in. I am not kidding, this one is a winner.


Let me share my honest opinion about this box. The one item I was most excited to try out is this: The Beauty People Snow White Special Edition Season 2 (1.6g x 5ea, $54). It consists of 5 pretty, ready-to-wear colors, ranging from Glimmer Black to Beige.


If you are a k-drama fan, you would probably notice that Snow White is dressed in Hyun Bin’s painstakingly sewn sequined jacket. Adorbs!


You might already know I don’t use my makeup alot, but these colors might shake my routine up from now on! You can easily create a light cat eye and add on a cute aegyop sal (waterline underneath the eyes) with these pencils.


Back of the tin

I like that it comes with a pink sharpener too. This product definitely makes up for the whole box 🙂

My next fav is the a;t Fox triplets: Gyoolpy Tea, Jasoyup Herb Tea and Black Tea (10ml, $6 each). They come in such cute cupcakes!


Each has a different niche; whitening, lifting or moisturizing.
Of all the relatively unknown brands Memebox has introduced to us global customers, a;t Fox is one I most wanted to try.

The concept is “afternoon tea” where beauty people gather and enjoy their cuppa while browsing through the cute things instore.


The cream is light and only slightly scented, so those who are sensitive might enjoy this. It also makes a wonderful stocking filler for Christmas! But I am keeping these for myself~ *smug*
We are all familiar with Etude House. And I was glad to see this brand in a memebox! It is quite rare to see famous products in these boxes as memebox is a global platform for more indie/new brands to branch out.


The Etude Missing U Hand Cream (30ml, $5) comes in Pink Dolphin, Half Seal, Fairy Penguin and Panda…and viola I got the Fairy Penguin!


The packaging is awesome. I can bring it in my bag to lectures and score some envious looks~ Function-wise, it does it job. Nothing super fantastic but better than having dry hands! It smells of baby powder.


Another Etude House item, the Sweet Recipe Cancy Stick (2g, $5) was included. This is a gloss type lip tint that moisturizes and is used to create a gradated look.

I got the 03 Sour Lemon Candy, which is the lightest among the tints… so it doesn’t show that much. I guess it is a good addition to my vibrant collection of tints.

I have also tested out the Pure Smile Muddy Girl (15g, $1) in Charcoal and found it….surprising! The consistency is slightly more watery than any charcoal/mud/volcanic packs I have tried, but dries up within a few minutes and reveals all your pores!! I am not kidding, it looks like a freak show in the mirror lol~ For the fun factor; plus one point. I think it is worth trying this out. The Muddy Girl does not have a distinct scent at all and is easy to wash off under warm water.


We have our fair share of Kocostar lately, but I have not received a Split End Therapy (8ml, $6) yet so this is the first. The nail therapy was nice, but not super convenient as I am a person who works alot with my hands lol. Well, if this product does not work, placebo will do it’s job. Not bad considering it comes with a cute band!


Another one which I have personally tested is this Pure Smile Neco Punch Point Pads (17ml x 2ea). It comes in Hibiscus and Lemongrass.  A point pad, is by definition a mini mask patch suitable for any part of your face/body that needs hydration.

I patched this on my cheek and left it there for 10 mins. It does feel more hydrated and my skin cools, but I am not used to just having a mask on just a small area. I think this would be great for dry areas like the elbows, knees, ankles etcetera. It does make you look cute though, having one on each cheek :B


All in all, I adore the My Cute Wishlist memebox. It is well worth $23 (add $6.99 for shipping) and I have purchased it’s sequel box. I know it all adds up to less than $100, unlike most memeboxes but the satisfaction of getting it makes it one of a memefavorites.

You may find all the memebox with it’s shipping date on this memebox-dedicated page and more bonuses + other information. I will update with September coupon codes once I get them.

At the meantime, happy memeshopping!


Disclaimer: This box was sent by Memebox for review purposes, and the thoughts/opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “Memebox My Cute Wishlist – unboxing & review

  1. Fun post! I like how you organized your photos (they’re great!). I had the same reaction to this box when Memebox announced it. I’m not a cutesy person, but I couldn’t resist it. Fun, fun :o)


    • It is so much fun, that’s true! And thanks~ I love taking photos of great packaging. I hope memebox knows that and include more stuff for us to play with because that’s what makes a box great! (eg cute wishlist, memebox #14)


  2. I loved this box. Definitely one of my favorite ones in a long time. The eyeliners were the highlight for me, but I’ve been eyeing the lotion and the candy lip balm for over a year and never pulled the trigger on them, so I’m so happy to have them! Point pads seem so strange to me too…I use them on my arms and legs when I have dry patches, but my skin is way too oily on my face for them to be much use!


    • Yeah! I totally adore the eyeliner, although I got the same one in memebox #14 (glimmer bronze). That one is a twist type I think, so I can bring that on a trip instead. It’s great that they include some really famous brands (Etude). I agree the point pads are whatever…they seem soapy so I slap them on my arm and go about doing my chores till they dry out. 🙂


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