Memebox OMG box – funpost v.02

So I have compiled a bunch of stuff from the sister site previously in this post.
Here is the second edition, featuring items stalked and rated by it’s OMG-ness.

Ϟ Ϟ Beauty Quick – fast, safe, painless exfoliate [link]


Sandpaper for skin? Why not, right?

Ϟ Ϟ Ϟ Glasshoul – earth face pack? [link]


Because using rocks to cleanse is the new trend.


It looks like the earth/mud/soil was excavated from a foreign site, making it much more exotic. Apparently my Korean has deteriorated so badly I couldn’t comprehend what I was reading. But you get the idea.

Ϟ Butiq Nail Polish Remover [link]


I assume it is a polish remover, because why else would you destroy perfectly painted nails? Unless it is for the name of art. Okay, this might be good since we are getting lots of nail polish from memebox.

Ϟ B&Soap Black Box charcoal soap [link]


We all know charcoal pills are used traditionally to neutralize stomach contents and detox poisons. Now can even use it to cleanse the face! I don’t know if the ‘squeaky clean’ feeling is what we are looking for, but I think it won’t hurt to try!

Ϟ Re:cipe Keratin Care Silk Spray [link]


Hands up if you know this brand. Congrats, you are a real memeaddict.

Spray keratin on keratin?? Why not, because it is like putting on reinforcement on breakage.

ϞϞϞ Secret de Provence Shampooing donuts [link]


We can now shampoo our hair with soap shaped into donuts. Each color has it’s own benefits, but I don’t recommend tasting them.

Ϟ  Magic Rabbit Mist & Mask pack [link]


This was on sale on Memeshop and I wanted to get it, but the shipping was burning a hole in my pockets. Mist that works as a mask sounds fantastic for winter. Not totally OMG, but this is one good product to try out. (Not to mention the cute packaging!)

Ϟ Ϟ  nuts Cream perfume [link]


Who can resist cream perfumes in a cute bamboo tub?! I know I can’t. Gimme!
This is not OMG-its-so-weird but it is definitely OMG-I-love-this!

Ϟ Foot Control Powder Mist [link]


It is winter soon, and lets admit that snow/heat/sweat= bad smell for even the most angelic girls. We all need some good deo for our feet, so why not a multi-tasker like this. Need!

Ϟ Ϟ Ϟ  Hazer Baba Turkish delight [link]


Because you will go “OMG” if you get Turkish delight in a beauty box. Sweets make us happy. And happy= beauty. So why not. Omg.

I know there are other OTT Oh-My-Gawd items out there like bird poop, placenta and magic mushrooms, but we have seen some pretty lame things going into the first OMG so lets not get our hopes high here.  I do, however, hope it gets better with each box because I got the 3rd.  😛

Happy memeshopping!


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