Memebox Mask 4 review~

It’s so exciting to finally try a Mask box from Memebox! Let me say first up that I am not a huge sheet mask person, and the only ones I love are from My Beauty Diary. My skin is quite sensitive and it breaks out easily if I use the wrong mask. The only mask that I have tried, tested and love from Korea is the Laneige waterbank sleeping pack.

And then the DHL guy came with this!



I was lucky enough to receive this Memebox special edition: Mask box #4 to try out and review. It took me awhile because I only have one face and am cautious about slapping on tons of products at one go (no, I don’t have an Asian skincare routine yet..).

Anywho, here is the info card for this box;

image image


There are 5 different brands/products altogether, 1 facial pack, 2 facial pads and 5 sheet masks. Of all the mask box Memebox have come up with, I think this one best suited me!

The product I wanted to try the most is the Sua Young Berristure (100g, $40). It is the cutest product of the lot and the pack is made to look like strawberry jelly.




As you might have already guessed, the name comes from strawberry and moisture. The infocard suggests using this as the last step for day and night skincare routines. I think it works better as a sleeping pack because if you spread it thinly, it feels oily (although it washes off well).






Texture-wise, it is nothing like I imagined. It is something in between jelly and gel– a gelatinous pudding sort of. (I am folly with words lol) As I spread it, it feels cold on the skin and smells subtly of fruits.

Before using this pack, I tested it on the back of my palm and upon inspection, the hand that has been enjoying the benefits of various berry extracts and Cos 5 complex seem to be more hydrated- there are less lines! Miracle or not, I might have to use this till it reaches half a jar.

Item #2 that caught my eye is the Purederm Vitamin C facial pads (24pcs, $12). I like that the company is making an effort to reach out to international customers. Their packaging has everything in English! Extra points~



I have tried the sheet masks from Purederm before but didn’t love them as much as my MBD ones. However, I am willing to give this citrusy tub a go!


This is supposed to work like cucumber slices. We can refrigerate them beforehand and apply them over our tired eye lids at the end of the day.


My hopes were dampened as I unscrewed the tub. It smelled strongly of chemicals/plastic. Not sure if it is the choice of packaging though. The pre-moistened pads do smell better out of it’s container. Can anyone comment below if they are experiencing this as well?





Instructions and ingredients are printed on the box.

I wouldn’t say this is an effective product except for soothing tired eyes. Refreshed? Yes. Soft? No. I think it is much easier than cutting cucumbers, but I wouldn’t want to risk a flare up from ingredients such as Ginseng extract (the previous Dewy tree mask traumatized me) and mushroom extract (I recall some girls on the forum being allergic to fungi and such).

It would not be fair to condemn a good product due to sensitive skin, and I think some mask lovers out there would appreciate this better than I do.


Another product bound to take up my refrigerator space is this Skin Factory 7 seconds morning sheet, 7 in 1 (150g, $39). I like the idea of 7 seconds! I don’t have all day to do facial massage so this is my thing~



The ingredients form the acronym of Nengjanggo which I vaguely remember from my Asian vacation as “refrigerator” (?). Chemisseo…


Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract (Noni)
Echinacea Extract
Nasturtium Officinale Extract
Jasmine Extract
Nasturtium Officinale Extract
Green Tea
Grape Extract
Orange Extract


I don’t like contaminating my products, so I did not want to open it for too long for photographs… It is a like wet thin cloth which you can exfoliate with. Those who used the Angel Factory armpit peeling pads would know what I mean.

So far I can’t tell if this is a brilliant product, because I alternate this with my Clarisonic brush. I love how my skin feels lately and I would definitely recommend this 7 second routine to anyone who is always waking up late and doesn’t have a minute extra for their Clarisonic!


The trio of sheet masks are from SLcosmetic. I have never heard of this company but we can never equate unknown to uneffective. The masks are surprisingly all different; Repair, Energizing and Waterdrop (23g x 3, $2).





I might have to google which is which. 😛




It does contain a bunch of extracts like the previous product, but I did not give this a go due to the presence of ginseng extract… I might when I find the courage to someday. Otherwise this will go to a friend.


I absolutely adore the packaging of the masks: When 10 PM & Travelmate! I am not sure if it is an error but the infocard labelled 23g x 4 for $28 when I only received 2. Oh well, as long as this is good!


They did indicate that the mask is made from bio-cellulose of coconuts. I remember seeing this on another mask by Leader’s and I quite enjoy that one. It does adhere easily and soothes like any good mask would.




The instructions for this mask as usual;
15-20mins application, remove and pat remaining essence.

image image


I like that there are 2 different ones for when I travel and when I ponder on my age lol! I defied the wordings on the package and tried on the travelmate one when I am lounging at home. Bahaha~


Memebox Mask 4 is entertaining, and I would have not purchase most of the products myself. The value, on any special edition Memebox, is always more than it’s $23 pricemark. I would perhaps purchase a Mask box for a friend who loves masks.

You can check out the Memebox Mask #5 which ships next month. Memebox offers codes on their site for multiple purchases and they also have value sets.

You may also use the following promo code;

 AMXL – $5 discount on any memebox order. (until the end of August, 2014)

or head to this memebox-dedicated page for more bonuses and links to the other boxes.
Happy memeshopping!



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