Memebox Oriental Medicine- a quick review


I am privileged enough to get the Memebox Oriental Medicine! It was sold out and was one of the boxes from the three (Whole Grain, Oriental Medicine and Milk)-themed series which became a hit as they were sort of like a breakaway from what memebox normally did at that time.

[note: Mind you, Memebox is such an innovative company, this was just about a month ago. Now they have like a gazillion newly-themed boxes so check them out here!]


I know this review is a tad late, but I got to try some of the products rather than just blindly posting about an unboxing without swatching, smelling, observing or tasting it…


This box came in an express package tru DHL and I swear they are like the best folks because they reposted my box a couple of times while I was out. Okay, on to the box!

Info card as usual;




I just love Oriental stuff firstly because I have stayed in Asia when I was younger, and also because I can’t get these babies here. You know it is more precious when it is rare.



The products in their respective packagings are huge! I was wondering if they are all full-sized— and they are!! except for the Donginbi deluxe samples.






Aren’t they just gorgeous? I can’t read half of these, but thanks to the info card I can at least figure out some.


First item (or two) are the Purederm Korean Herb Masks (19ml each at $2) and I got the;
1. “Soo-an” Moisturizing Korean Herb Mask for dry skin
2. “Jung-an” Refining Korean Herb Mask for oily & combi skin

I guess I can always use this with another friend who has a different problem…and so I did!
They did feel a little soapy for my liking, but they smelled mild and lovely. I didn’t see much difference (probably not after one use anyways) and neither did my friend. Otherwise, masks are always fun for pajama parties.



I love serums, and you have to agree with me that this one is an exciting addition to the box. Wonder+ Serum?? Two of my favourite words in beauty.

The D’Ran Wonder Serum is 30ml and costs $30 according to Memebox. It is packed with Asian miracles such as ginseng, black hoof and a bunch of other Latin herb names I can’t recognize. But hey, proof is in the result, no? I tried this alternately with my Cantella Ampoule (O&T box) and I can tell my skin is loving me atm. Not sure if it is just that skin-friendly time of the month.


Verdict: I love this. It smells oriental alright and there is a protective cap that comes with it. Extra points! I probably need more tries to proof it’s efficacy.



These twins are the only ones I have not thoroughly tried. They remind me of the mini Botanic Hill essence and oil we received back then from memebox!–but it’s Asian cousin.

The Donginbi- Donginbidam Red Ginseng Aqua Oil & Aqua Pack Essence are both 5ml samples prices approximately at $9 and $18 respectively. It is said that this brand is a super premium brand found only in Korean beauty department stores to quote memebox exactly.

They smell great (as with all the rest). I think it is an acquired scent, sort of like if you can tolerate licorice if you loved it since your tender days. I know I can.




Next is a favourite among memeaddicts: the Shib Jang Ceng – Chun Ji Heang hand cream which contains 80ml of products and is $17. Placebo or not, I think I need to finish it to decide. They claim to have added the 110-year-old wild ginseng extract in (holy!).


Texture-wise, it is not as annoying as some shea butter hand creams I have tried. It smells of chinese drug stores which transports me back in time (yep, I keep repeating this but I LOVE!).




The Hanhui CC cream (50ml, $30) reminds me alot about the Nabi CC cream from Holika Holika. Same texture and color, and they both adapt to your skin after awhile, but leaves a slight powdery cast. I am still not sold on CC creams, because so far I have been using them like primers.

Since this one has ginseng, cactus extracts and galactomyces fermented extracts, I guess it is worth a long-term trial to see whether or not it will brighten my complexion and make imperfections perfect as it claims. 3 uses ain’t enough imho.


The Memebox Oriental Medicine total up to $81 excluding the two deluxe samples ($27). I think it is worth a try as we don’t often come across these in our standard Western beauty products store.. or even online stores!

Memebox offers codes on their site for multiple purchases and they also have value sets.

You may also use the following promo codes;

 588KKYR9G4 – $5 discount on any memebox order. (Valid date : July 1st ~ end of July, limit to one time per customer.)
EJPWG5 – $5 off any pruchase. Valid until the end of July.

or head to this memebox-dedicated page for more bonuses and links to boxes.
Happy memeshopping!




7 thoughts on “Memebox Oriental Medicine- a quick review

      • The first one I should receive soon is K-Beauty Wrap Up no1 and I can’t wait to tuck into it!! I love looking at reviews to see what products are inside the boxes and so far I am really impressed with this subscription company!! I was subscribed to Glossybox before and was disappointed time and time again as they kept repeating the same brands/products. I also really disliked receiving 2ml perfume samples!!


        • That’s cool. I hope they include some of the best Korean skincare in that. Haha I do enjoy spoilers and unboxings too….even for the boxes I have already received. 🙂


        • I love discovering new brands and trying quirky makeup products! I’ve had enough of the usual Rimmel, L’Oreal, Maybelline stuff now! Looking forward to read more unboxing posts from you 🙂 x


        • That’s cool. I gather you have ordered the Cute Wishlist and OMG boxes as well then. 🙂 True that. Hehe..
          And thank you!! Will write more when I have time. 😉


        • I missed those 2 as I was so broke before payday and the cute wishlist is sold out now ;( I just got the cutiepiemarzia colab box though, took me an hour to get it as their website kept crashing but Im so happy now, shipping starts immediately!! I will definitely review it x


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