Memebox Scentbox #1 Rose

Time to review one of my favourite boxes from Memebox! It is the Scentbox #1 Rose. The Scentbox series came in 3– the rose, baby powder and grapefruit. I adore them (almost) equally.

Lets look at what was included and how they performed;

You have to agree that is box is pretty as a picture!

Info-cards as usual;



It contains 4 products.

The spoiler product on Memebox’s FB page was the Evas Rosemine Floral Remedy Foam Cleanser.
Having already received 4927401741 cleansers from Memebox (just an exaggeration), I dreaded the idea of another, but now I can have a ton to try out… which is fun because every girl needs to cleanse at least twice a day!


I already got the oil cleanser, a cleansing water, A/C spot cleanser, wholegrain 3-in-one cleanser, yadda yadda…therefore a foam cleanser is a nice change I guess.


This cleanser is 120ml and contributed to the weight of the box significantly. It retails for $22 (memebox pricing).


The second item is also by Evas. It is a Plumpy Tint in 01 Roseberry. It contains 13g of products and costs $11. I love lip  moisturizing products in general and always need them for winter anyways, so this is great to have.


It said to contain french rose water and….ginseng extracts? Whoa.

This is not a wrist slit.


The tint is not as strong as some lip tints I have tried. I love that you can remove it with a tissue, and it moisturizes a little unlike some tints that showcases all your lip cracks.


I love this brand so much that I even took a family photo of all the Evas products I have.


They are all from my previous memeboxes!

My favourite in this box is probably the Happy Bath Rose Essence Body Wash. This product has been in the market for the longest time! When I was in high school and hauling Gmarket (that was when? 4 years ago?), I remember getting 1+1 deals & bonus cleansers for cheap. I am reuniting with my long lost pal here hehe..

Look at how old this advert is. Many beauty bloggers/Gmarket addicts were also hauling the Happy Bath like nobody’s business.



It smells and feels fantastic. I will incorporate this soon to my shower collection after I am done with my Cosrx Tea Tree soap (from Memebox Oil & Trouble) and Oriental Jin Plu Scrub (Memebox Hair & Body).


The last product is a sample pack (5 foils) of Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer. I don’t use primers alot but I am willing to try this out sometime as it says to ‘even out lines and cover pores’. I hope it doesn’t clog my pores instead.


The scentbox total up to $44 in value although I got it for $30 as a 2+1 bundle on Memebox. Scentboxes are sold out on Memebox but you can always check back as they might restock or introduce new ones any time.

You may also use the following promo codes;

 588KKYR9G4 – $5 discount on any memebox order. (Valid date : July 1st ~ end of July, limit to one time per customer.)
EJPWG5 – $5 off any pruchase. Valid until the end of July.

or head to this memebox-dedicated page for more bonuses and links to boxes.
Happy memeshopping!



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