SD Hair Steam Hair Pack (7 Days Premium Edition)- review


Remember that Hair & Body Memebox the memepeople sent me weeks back (unboxed here)?
I finally found the perfect time to try out the SD Hair Steam 7 Day Hair Pack.



The SD Hair Steam 7 Day Hair Pack was revealed on Memebox’s FB fanpage and got a pretty good buzz. Every memefan was curious on how this would work.

Well, it was not as dramatic as the picture shows. There were no steam coming out of my scalp, thank goodness.

photo of the result after usage. (too dramatic imho)

My hair was not super dry or anything, but because of the shift of seasons, it was a little frizzy.
I was excited to see if the results were as dramatic!

I got this description of the product on the net;

The mask is formed with concentrated essence and it is self heating upon application onto hair.  It will help your hair to be soft, smooth and healthy.   The pack will also repair the hair damaged due to frequent coloring, hair perm or stress.  Just one time use will improve the condition of your hair but we highly recommend apply 4 times a month for the best result.


image image


The instructions were in Korean so I had to refer to the infocard included in the Memebox for more details.

image image




So in case that isn’t detailed enough, I found some pictures to aid the process;



I was surprised at how oversized the cap was until I realized it was just enough to cover my long locks.



And it is purple in print! (found a lavender cloth to match). Coincidently my current hair color is deep purple from my previous mahagony.



I left it for about 15 minutes to maximize it’s effect, and massaged my scalp from time to time while I watched more beauty videos on youtube.

After rinsing with warm water, I towel dry as usual and let it dry naturally.

My hair felt soft and it does not make my scalp oily. I love that it doesn’t react like most conditioners that flatten my hair with over-moisturizing ingredients. My hair remained fab and washed for the next day.

I think I might love to try another similar product. My next would be the Ryo Hair Loss from Memebox #12. I can’t wait!

Memebox Hair & Body retails for $23 + $6.99 (shipping). The #1 and #2 are currently sold out but you may purchase the Hair & Body #3 box – it has been hashtag-ged with #Jjimjibang (sauna) so I would recommend this to all spa lovers and those who wants to try out exfoliating products!

You may also use the following promo codes;

 588KKYR9G4 – $5 discount on any memebox order. (Valid date : July 1st ~ end of July, limit to one time per customer.)
EJPWG5 – $5 off any pruchase. Valid until the end of July.

or head to this memebox-dedicated page for more bonuses and links to boxes.
Happy memeshopping!

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