Memebox global # 12 unboxing

My memebox #12 arrived last few days, but I only got time to review it now. I was extremely pleased that the memepeople has curated some different products– yes, that Smooth sensitive removal cream and a face clay pack I totally adore! But we will get to those later.

The box itself is super heavy! It contained 7 items (2 being the same cream+ it’s sample tho).




The info card as usual;


The first item is the Ryo Anti-Hairloss Treatment in a deluxe sample size of 50ml ($3). Valued at $12 for 200ml, this product promises to strengthen, soothe and nourish your scalp.

It contains biota seed, coix seed, green tea and gold extracts (whaa..??). At first when I opened and got some out, it smells strongly of ginseng candies (I am sure Asian memefans can relate).




It feels like a normal conditioner, slippery but not soapy. I will try this out and review if it is an HG item.


Next is one that I said I love: Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack (12g- $2.50)–main reason being that it is gentle and smells like a hotel’s expensive mineral salt spa!

I also coincidently ran out of my Innisfree Volcanic pack (which is one of my HG btw), so I gave this a try the other night and boy was it good.





It has microgranules for exfoliation as well as Dead sea minerals that hydrates and nourish. Unfortunately this sample is only 12g (valued at approx $2.50) and I think it is good for just 4-5 uses.



Yup, I’ve used up that much already.


There are 2 Plagentra White Mark creams in this box– 1 being the 15g deluxe sample of the Step 1 cream. The other was a packet of foil samples consisting of all 3 steps; the cream, massage gel and lotion.


Not sure how this will work as a cream as I don’t have stretch marks to test on.





You can read about them on the info card. The information is kinda vague tho.



The sealed tube is travel friendly, so I might bring this around to treat my ankles and elbows probably.


The foil sample trio


I know many memefans are most excited to see which color they have received for the L.Vida Nail Polish (10ml- $7). The color was randomly selected from: Cosmos Bouquet, Hyacinth Bouquet, Aqua Green, Little Princess, Barbie pink, Peony bouquet, Neon Orange, Pink Orang, Juicy Lemon and Passion blue.

I received the LC-14 Peony Bouquet which is a nice violet-ish pink polish.


I like that the packaging looks so cute and spring.


I know a girl who might appreciate this!


Next is a full-sized item, the Inter-cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream (250ml- $43). I have tried a little of this on my calf and it does work quite well. They did point out that 1 try is not enough to remove everything, but I like that this does not involve scrubbing/scrapping/shaving.


Instructions in English on the box.

The only downside is probably the fact that this smells pungent. If it works perfectly, smell is probably a small hitch right?





The last product is a heavy one as well. It is the Palan Crysence Organic Essence (120ml- $72). If that is the price, I assume there are gold foils or caviar in it. I might have to use this for a bit to judge on it’s efficacy.


I like the packaging design as it comes with a stopper and dispense when you push the top.





It does not have a distinct smell, but probably leaning towards the subtle, floral side.

This is a leave-in and you can use it after showering, and before blow-dry.


The Memebox 12 is a great box, valued at a price of  approx $133. It might be a little less than that estimate, but I did get this box with some promo codes so it wasn’t $23+ $6.99 (shipping).

I think Memeboxes might need some consistency with their products, though a novelty item or two now and then is a great surprise. I have got tons of hair (and nail) stuff from them so far although I did not purchase the Hair Superbox. It is an individual preference thing I guess…..I am just a sucker for skincare- face or body.

You may use the following promo codes;

 588KKYR9G4 – $5 discount on any memebox order. (Valid date : July 1st ~ end of July, limit to one time per customer.)
EJPWG5 – $5 off any pruchase. Valid until the end of July.

or head to this memebox-dedicated page for more bonuses and links to boxes.
Happy memeshopping!



8 thoughts on “Memebox global # 12 unboxing

  1. The hair serum works about the same as my Perfect Hair Day treatment. This stuff is $60, but PHD is only $25, so I wouldn’t buy it again because it does the same thing. XD I think it smells kinda good, though.

    The banila co mask is amazing. I bought a full-sized of it.


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