Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid





I got this foot peel from the beauty swap with Eugenie and just got to try this recently. I have always wanted to try a foot peel since the Holika Holika one didn’t really work for me… Thing is, I don’t have callused feet, but it does look a little worn out and the heel could be pinkier like a baby’s!

(I don’t have crazy paper-like grotesque pictures to show for, but bear with me, okay?)



Ingredients, instructions and etc.

The TonyMoly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid claims to

1. Remove stubborn dead skin cells
2. Restore moisture
3. Remove odor
4. Keeps feet clean
5. Dissolves fatigue <- huh? haha maybe like a foot spa?
6. Relieve stress <- yeah stress from ugly feet

So I got down to business!






There is a cotton compartment in the plastic bags. Put your feet into the cotton socks, pour one packet of the liquid into each sock and tie it up. I like that there is a small TonyMoly sticker for you to seal the bag properly as it is a little big for me.

Viola! Time to do some waiting.

90 minutes is a tad long but if you spend time watching movies then it flies~ Other then the cold sensation of a wet feet, there isn’t much discomfort with this product.


Make sure you wash your feet properly after 90 minutes and towel dry it before slapping on some shiny foot cream. It gets tricky to go around the house afterwards so the tip is to wear 100% cotton socks everyday after moisturizing.




Good for one use for me…

I use my Body Shop body butter every night after, before I sleep. It helps to do this as a routine even after the whole peeling process is done.

And the moment of truth…
Here are the results!! (not as wow as some of the photos out there but its something)



My feet feels…new and pink! You don’t see results in the first 4 days but afterwards there is a bit of a dusty mess going on so make sure you wear socks all the time! I had to suppress the urge to peel off the bits~

After day 5, I used a loofah sponge to remove the flaky bits in the shower. Only on day 6 did the heel show peeling. It is not miraculous for me but I love the novelty factor of this peeling liquid.

I might repurchase after my long Europe trip when my feet are all worn out again. Have you tried any foot peeling product and which did you like best?




2 thoughts on “Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid

  1. I’ve got foot peeling bootees on right now! What an appropriate time to find your post. I’ve also used the Holika Holika pack, as did my teenage daughter, and I got better results I think because I soaked my feet in the bath a lot. It really seems to make a difference. The pack I’m using right now is a Kocostar one from Memebox Hair & Body 2. I’ve used their nail treatment masks and they were very good so hopefully this will be too.

    Now back to soaking my feet..


    • Aww~ That’s cool. And yup, the Kocostar nail treatment is quite good but I found it a hassle because I can’t do anything for that duration lol 😛 Tell me if the foot mask worked for you. 😉


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