Korean “Cooling” Cosmetics

In conjunction with memebox’s introduction of cooling cosmetics, I will talk about what we can expect and a brief introduction about cooling care and it’s effectiveness.


The concept of cooling beauty products

It is not entirely new, the cooling concept. Some products in the western market such as the Urban Decay’s Chill Cooling & Hydrating Make Up Setting Spray (fuh, thats a mouthful) for example, applies the same idea. It promises to fix the makeup, hydrate and keep it gorgeously just-applied for up to 12 hours.

Here is a list of other products as seen on Cosmopolitan.



What is the mechanism of cooling and how does this work? 

We all know that while warm water opens up the pore, cold water diminishes it. Keeping the temperature down also dispels puffiness and prevents oily skin.

In derm lectures, I have also learnt that the heat activates many mechanisms that aren’t exactly skin-friendly. Some of them includes irritations and allergies. I myself have nickel allergies (my skin swell and blister in contact with fake jewelries) but strangely, this does not occur in winter when it is super cold outside.

While there are many hypothesis surrounding heat and allergies, it is not uncommon to find people who break out in hives and rashes after a day out in the sun or just by exercising. Fortunately, there are plenty of things in the market that could aid those facing the problem.

With the aid of ingredients like aloe, cucumber and nanoparticles of water molecules in these products, the skin will feel fresher even hours after we are outside in the sweltering heat.

Here is an article if you want to read more about cooling.


Whats up with the hype in Korea?

It is probably from the show Get It Beauty (yes, again), where they did an episode about skin care for a day out. While we in the west would simply grab a refrigerated coke or go for a cool shower, the Koreans will be misting their face and eating Naengmyeon (a noodle served in iced broth). Not stereotyping here, but I have talked to a few Korean expats and thats what I heard.

The Koreans a very concerned about the heat and micro dust particles lately, so the cosmetic companies are pushing out an infinite amount of beauty products targeting that problem alone!



What Korean cooling products are there in the market?

There are so many! Gosh. There is the Tony Moly Prim Aqua line, the Skin Food Ice Vita, the Etude House Ice Shot range, and many many more.
<-*whispers* i want this…


The Korean memeshop itself offers a range of cooling products, so you might want to look at that to get an idea of what they might include in the box.




What should we expect in the Cooling Care Memebox?

These are just my personal prediction, though I am pretty sure at least half of them will be included:

A mask (memebox loves masks), a cooling sunscreen/spray type– if it ain’t already included in the Sun Care Box, a moisturizing cream with cooling effects (remember the Enprani waterball? yeah, something like that), a cooling mist (there are tons in the market!) and….. Well, I am on the edge about the last product. Maybe another mask product in pack form (aka apply and sleep) or it could be a body gel or even an eye lifting cream/roller.



Cooling products are really versatile and can be used both in the day or night. The creams make a great base for before makeup prep and doubles as a cooling pack to soothe the skin after heat exposure.

If you are a fan of Avene mists and Yes To Cucumber products, this could just be the box for you!


Memebox Cooling Care retails at $23.00 excluding shipping.

You can also get memeboxes with promo codes on the site and points upon registering. Happy memeshopping!



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