Memebox: 10 Minute Box – thoughts


I randomly ordered Memebox 10 Minute Box out of curiosity. A friend of mine did the same, and when we saw the teaser video, we decided it wasn’t for us at all (both dermatology students, seldom put on thick makeup). So she shot an email at memebox and their reply after a week or two was “Sorry we cannot cancel your order once it was made.”  This was a tad unfair for her because on the forum MUT, several girls successfully cancelled theirs.

I decided to keep my box because the whole torturous process wasn’t worth it. I think memebox should be proud of their customer service. *sarcasm* Anywho, no use crying over spilled milk. I got my box yesterday (finally). I wasn’t there to sniff all the scents but these info and photos were sent by my housemate. She was enabled by just opening my boxes lol! I think I should coerce her to buy this off me.

Here is the info card;


image   image


I think majority of memeboxes’ overseas fans are lovers of any cute packagings; cool, innovative BUT effective ideas and people with minor troubled skin. I don’t think we like anything that comes off too strong like seduction and such. That said, there are a minority who love this box.

I think value-wise, this box is terrific. I liked the Hope Girl scented powder thing (it pays for the box) but it is only 20 grams! I also like the hair perfume (after the one in body box, I am excited to get more scented hair stuff!) though I have not given it a whiff— it is still sealed.

My box had the 002 Princess Lash. My hopes for the natural one fell short. This will go into my gifting pile or swap list alongside that red lippie. There was also no lash glue. Hmm.

My housemate delivered me the bad news of the designer oil leaking a little, so the whole box smelt of pheromones and “cheap perfume” –to quote her. I hope it wasn’t that bad! I wish I am home to open them myself.

Verdict: I will never buy a 10 minute box or something of the similar idea because it doesn’t suit me at all. So far all the vague memeboxes I bought was, due to the lack of better phrasing, overrated and disappointing. I will stick to regular boxes and clearer $23 bets themed according to what I actually need.


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