Newer Korean Brands

I would like to call these brands indie brands, but they are not exactly that since some of them are already really famous in Korea and has been established more than 10 years ago.

The thing is, since the giant companies like Amore Pacific and Enprani has their roots embedded deep into the Korean skincare scene, it became really tough for other smaller companies to debut. They have to come up with all sorts of innovative ideas and gimmicks to create hype and market.

I am glad that memebox included some really unheard of brands to their inventory, because that way we can get a proper introduction and not just stick to traditional drugstore brands. Sometimes I do wish memebox would try to acquire the bestsellers of these newer brands *coughnotjustsoapscough*.

Anyways, lets take a look at some of the brands!

❈          ❈          


The brand drww was just launched last year in Korea. It is a brand well-known because of the founder, Kim Yoo-jin (or better known as Eugene) who hosted the first season of Get It Beauty— a show that showcases makeup, skincare and talents of the beauty gurus. 

Eugene is one of my favourite actress ever and she looks gorgeous, you have to agree with me. 😛 

We saw memebox include the Actigen multi smart cream gel (memebox #10) and drww Mix & Match (Superbox 5). I am immensely loving the actigen cream as it makes my skin smooth and dewy without being oily or sticky…and it smells heavenly! Sadly, I can’t find it anywhere on the net.

I also couldn’t find the official site, but in case you are interested about the lines they offer, here is a Korean home-shopping site with most of the products.

❈          ❈          


Established in 1995, with the motto of Nature Poem, Caolion seems to be very much about their skin-care rather than makeups. 

Caolion reminds me alot of brands like Nature Republic and Skinfood probably because of their sleek packaging and very nature oriented products. Their bestsellers seems to be the pore packs (featured above).

Memebox introduced us to this brand by including their Mool Pool cleanser (memebox #10 and minibox #2). I have not given it a go because of my overloading on cleansers at the moment…

I like that their target audience is the family, and not just specific people like the working women or teenager. It seems like a fresh new concept they can run with.

❈          ❈          


This brand is super hip! Just look at the website. Thank god its in English. It is like a totally different brand compared to the previous 2 (well silly, of course it is). Chosungah is actually the name of an infamous makeup artist in Korea.

I am not sure if they ship everywhere, but they did say EMS on their English webpage. The prices of their products aren’t too steep either..probably something like NARS and Laura Mercier.

Loving the look of the products and it is the one makeup brand I really want to try besides Stylenanda’s 3CE and Too Cool For School.

I think memebox included Chosungah Tangle into Nakedbox #16 and the blusher above into it’s Korean memebox. Not sure if there were others..

Chosungah is not fooling around with their funky and yet practical packaging. Coincidently I am almost in my 22s, so I guess this might just be my favourite. I am waiting for this to hit the European market! 

❈          ❈          


Karadium is mostly about their makeup. Their selling point seems to be the fact that they actually include flower extracts, etc into their products and a fresh, vibrant image. Does anyone think their packaging looks very much like Anna Sui’s? -Lots of butterflies and pinks.

Memebox included the On The Top mascara (superbox #2) and a few other things from Karadium into the memeshop.

❈          ❈          


Tosowoong Makeon has the very typical Korean brand balance between skincare and makeup. The brand first debut globally in 2004 and is now quite famous with their best-selling Crystal Intensive whitening cream and Makeon Princess liners (featured in memebox).

I would like to say more about them, but perhaps if you could read more Korean than me, you would understand what was written here. Time for improvement!

Memebox also included the Chok Chok (meaning squishy) Makeon CC Cushion into the Superbox 2.

Maybe we can try their skincare in future boxes?

❈          ❈          


Lanoa is a brand that focuses on natural ingredients. Just look at how many natural stuff that went into this?? They are definitely serious about their soap, okay. Unfortunately we only get to try the sulphur soap on memebox so far (and it was repeated in several boxes). 

Their other selling point seems to be EGF. Have you heard of EGF? It actually stands for Epidermal Growth Factor— a factor needed for our skin to regenerate. It sounds fantastic, but the effectivity and side effects have yet to be proven. 

❈          ❈          

With South Korea being more and more obsessed with beauty and perfection, more companies are sprouting like mushrooms after the rain. I guess it is only for the betterment of my skin. Have you tried any other new brands and did you find a holy grail product?

Newer Korean Brands


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