Review: Makeup bases- a comparison



Today I would like to do a quick comparison on a CC cream, BB cream and a mixed formulation. To do that, I have employed the different representative of each: The Holika Holika Nabi Cream (CC cream), Tony Moly BCDation (mixed), Dr. Jart Black Label Detox Healing (BB cream) and also my favourite oil blotter, The Kose Super Clean Tissue.

As you might have already read on the blogosphere about these makeup bases, there is no need for extra introduction. Recently, the popular Korean beauty show Get It Beauty has introduced the fact that CC creams are more water-based compared to BB creams and hence does not cause oiliness or unwanted shine. How true is this?


It is universally known that CC creams provide minimal coverage, apply smoother and less shiny as compared to BB creams. Here on my forearm in descending order is Dr Jart (DRJ) – BCDation (BCD)- Nabi cream (NABI). I will abbreviate it this way as I go along.

As you can see from the initial swatch, the DRJ is greyish compared to the BCD that has yellow undertone. The NABI remains lavender-ish.




They all spread well, with BCD being a tad runnier compared to DRJ. The NABI feels somewhat in between the consistency of BCD and DRJ and leaves a powdery finish on your skin.




Not sure if you can see from this picture…obviously the DRJ covers best, and the BCD and NABI are almost similar in terms of coverage. The problem with these three bases are that if you don’t exfoliate well, there are of course more obvious dry patches on your skin.


So what about staying matte / fresh and dewy all day long? I put them through the infamous blotting paper test;


Initially.. (top to bottom: NABI- BCD- DRJ)

image(Top to bottom: After 5 minutes, After 1 hour and After 6 hours)

As you can see, the CC cream is less oily compared to the BB creams so the researchers of GIB was right. However, this does not mean the CC creams are better. If you have oily/combi skin to begin with, the CC cream might not be of great help… always keep a mist, blotter and finishing powder in your bag for touch ups.

I would say the CC creams are great for oily but clear skin (which is freakin rare alright) and the BB creams for those who wants more coverage, but don’t want to look all cakey with thick foundation.

I am not a fan of the BCDation (got this sample from a memebox) and is still searching for my holy grail CC/BB cream. There is just too much to try!!!



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