Review: Holika Holika NABI Cream Purple SPF25 PA++



I’ve just recently purchased this CC cream. It is a realtively new product in the market and since I have liked Holika Holika’s BB creams in the past, I have decided to buy this.

The Holika Holika Nabi Cream comes in purple, beige and pink which serves different functions. The purple one is for oily/combination skin. I bought this randomly just because the color is so pretty X_X oops…

나비 (Nabi) in Korean actually means butterfly, which explains why the tube has butterflies on them.


The CC cream is SPF 50 PA++ and 50g. I couldn’t find the English translation for the ingredients, but if you do read Korean, here it is:

image  image

The product claims;

    • [Holika Holika] NABI Cream purple SPF25 PA++ 50g oil/ combination skin type, cc cream

This is a blooming lavender colored CC cream for oily combination skin type.

1. This item keeps your skin tone & skin texture clean & clear without looking oily. Plus it takes care of your skin clearly by covering fine skin wrinkles softly.

2.This is a creamy textured product. So It completes comfortable makeup effect since it adhears to the skn lightly & thinly by spreading softly & fully.

3. It protects the skin from UVs & improves skin tone brightly with whitening function.

4. It has porous powder in it. So it makes your skin fresh without stickiness. Plus It makes your skin bright & soft with Lavender flower water & Borage seed oil

5. 11 chemical free No Paraben, No Mineral Oil, No Talc, No Triethanolamine, No Triclosan, No Benzyl Alcohol, No Sulfate.No Benzophenone, No Propylene Glycol No Animal ingredient, No artificial coloring, No Tar, No Petrolatum, No Alcohol Denat.

I like the fact that it sounded light and natural. Lets see how it performs as a basic makeup.


On application, the cream seems slightly lavender-ish. It feels like any other lotion and has a creamy, velvety texture.


I find it quite easy to spread with my fingers. The CC cream seems too whitish at this moment and smells faintly of a clean, flowery scent (as with all their BB creams anyways).


The color blended into my forearm really quickly and looked matte. However, on my fingers (in between the lines) there were powder casts leftover from the spreading.

Smells good
Blends well
Keeps the face matte
Mattifying effect lasts for about 6 hours

Leaves a powder cast if not well moisturized
Not suitable for covering flaws/imperfections
Runs off if in contact with water!! (tried this)

Probably since this purple one is made for oily/combination skin, it does dry the skin out a little, so I needed to do a simple exfoliation and moisturize well before putting this on. It is definitely a great product to show off your clear skin, and it feels vaguely powdery after the color has settled in.

You most definitely can skip the setting powder afterwards. I think I would use this on days where I am in a hurry to go out or when I just need light makeup to rush to the mart or to grab a quick coffee outside. I might try this a little bit more and update this review if something else comes along.

The Holika Holika Nabi Cream 50g costs me $14.98 (from

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned; and the opinions are solely my own and not of any affiliate and/or the advertisers.

Review: Holika Holika NABI Cream Purple SPF25 PA++


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