Memebox releases~ Superboxes galore

It could be a little overwhelming for everyone, new or old to memebox that they are releasing more and more new boxes each day. You can just leave memebox for 3 days and come back to find more than 5 new ones on their site!

The latest installment to this madness are;
1. Snail 2 Superbox – $32 – highly raved and since snail products are relatively rare in the west, many are snagging up their snail boxes
2. Anti-aging 2- $59 – some enthusiasts enjoyed their first anti-aging box, and it makes a perfect gift for mum
3. Oil & Trouble– $32 – only the memebox ($23) version was shipped, no idea how the superbox will perform, but the products seemed promising

Superboxes ship for $6.99 standard and contains 6-8 full-sized products only, unlike normal memeboxes that may be a mixture of deluxe samples and full-sized.

You can snag up the boxes for bargain prices if you register/-ed with memebox. They are rewarding $10 for new/old members (today only) and on top of that you can get referral points by quoting bloggers.

I can’t wait to see the unboxings or spoilers! I myself have a few coming my way, though not from this latest release~

Memebox releases~ Superboxes galore


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