Review: Mizon Refresh Time Cherry Blossom Peeling Gel

Product review: Mizon Refresh TIme Cherry Blossom Peeling Gel

Bonus: unedited, very venous Veritazy hands

Today I am trying the Mizon Refresh TIme Cherry Blossom Peeling Gel for the first time! Many raved about how this range of peeling gels (they also have the grapefruit and green tea ) are dupes of the Cure peeling gel.

To test out the effectiveness of this gel, I did not wash / lotion my hands, but dried it with the dryer for 2 minutes and then use the gel. On first glance, the gel is keeping it’s form. When you try to spread it, it collapses into a watery, toner-like consistency.

It smells fantastic!! Like any other cherry blossom scented products, this gel smells floral and fruity, but clean and not too sweet/citrusy at the same time. I can’t relay how awesome this smells but you get the general idea.

What I think was a boo-hoo for me was that the gel became watery and within 2-3 seconds, you can see globules (and white, not grey/brown) forming already. I was almost convinced it wasn’t my dead skin.

After rinsing however, my skin did feel slightly smoother. Probably I should test this out on other areas of my body to see whether it does actually peel off those gunk of dead skin. I do think it is possible that they intended to make it this way to use the globules to exfoliate gently,  instead of inducing skin shedding.

I might use this alternately with my Clarisonic brush to reduce skin inflammation/ damage from over-exfoliating since this is quite gentle. I can’t judge immediately but I might not repurchase as I have used several other peeling gels that worked better, although they don’t smell as good! We will see.

The Mizon peeling gel comes in a 120ml tube and costs $6-10 on different sites. I got mine with free shipping from 


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