Memebox Global #10 Unboxing

So I got my memebox global #10 today! It was sent randomly via EMS although I did not pay for express. Thank you, memebox~

The Memebox 10 includes 3 full-sized product, a deluxe sample and a face mask. I think I would use all of them except the eye serum (which I will hand over to my mum when I go home in summer lol).

At first glance, I knew I would like this box (until proven otherwise).

I heard good things about Hanskin, so I am ecstatic to finally get an ampoule from them. It is the Hanskin Bio original Royal Ampoule BB SPF 30++ 5ml, valued at $9. Really?? Never have I seen a bb cream in ampoule form. And it has royal jelly extracts in it. Sounds interesting.

Miss en scene curling essence was the main occupier of the box (150ml). I don’t really have curly hair…but I guess I would use it if it smells good and volumizes well. This product costs $14.

The other item that took up most space was the Drww Multi-Action Smart Cream Gel at 70ml ($59???!!) which promises soothing and norishing effect for damaged skin. I reckon I could use this for after sun exposure or on active blemishes. Another suggested way was as a sleeping pack since it has all moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging properties. Score!

The Atopalm eye serum (15ml)—-surprising amount for it’s size…was priced also at a steep $49 (oh memebox…). Since I had the Dr.Jar+ eye serum, I think I would not use this myself as I have mentioned earlier.

Dewytree ginseng mask ($4) was on sale on memebox awhile ago. I would use this soon and do a quick review on it.

Everyone was excited for Mool Pool Deep Cleansing ($19)—75ml because of how cool it looks, but as you can see above, it is a clear gel-type cleanser. It works as a makeup-remover, cleanser and light it says. I might use this alternately to the Caviar Oil Cleanser I got from the previous memebox.

This memebox totaled up to an astonishing memeprice of $154, but as a fellow forumer said, even if we slashed that half to $77, it is still way above the value we paid for.

I bought this as a bundle (8,9,10) at about $70+ in total. The latest release was box 14 (ikr?) and the bundle (14-16). Check it out here.


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