Memebox Office Essentials – What we would really love ❤

Have you seen the office essentials box recently?

For women who work all day or stay in uni/school/library to study, we need our skincare. Seriously. This climate is killing us, hot or cold. I often come home looking at my ghastly self in the mirror, take off all the dirt, and then slap on some mask before hitting the sack. The interval between leaving the house and finally taking off my makeup is what causes our skin to be inflamed/infected/aged!

My skin is in dire need of an intervention~ Yes.

So I did more snooping again. Here is my wishlist of what I, or rather we, should have in the locker/ purse all day (Think 3 Hs!);

1- Hygiene

I think we need some seriously good hand lotion with sanitizing effect. Most waterless disinfectants I use are either too drying or reeks strongly of alcohol. Eek! We are also talking about female hygiene here. I don’t mind some feminine wipes or toilet perfume (yes, they exist).

Smelling clean also constitutes a huge part of hygiene. What’s the point of showering in the morning when we end up smelling like cigarettes or food after the lunch break? It’s all trapped in the clothes and hair (urgh!), so we totally need a fabric mist and a dry shampoo


I find this super important because we tend to drink less when outside and sometimes we neglect the fact that our skin needs external hydration as well! A good moisturizing mist that does not make me look like an oil rig would be nice. Also for those with troubled skin, a mattifying blotting paper would be great to fix the way we look hours after we left our homes.


Working hard and staying out means less time to care for ourselves. We tend to just grab whatever we can get at the cafeteria; a baguette and coffee, or those oily fries slathered with mayo and ketchup (oh yum!). It would be nice to have some sort of supplements like vitamin drinks to help us get through the day before we can get home and eat that orange. For beauty geeks, vitamin drinks with added collagen or minerals is a definite win.

This is the Korean version of the memebox in this series. I hope we don’t get sanitary napkins or tea (unless it is some uber good tea)!

Have you bought this memebox and what do you hope to find inside?

Memebox office essentials retails for $23.00 + $6.99 for standard shipping.

Memebox Office Essentials – What we would really love ❤


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